Monday, December 21, 2009

Ander The Saya....

Ander the Saya is a common Filipino term meaning one hiding under the skirt (or saya) of the wife or girlfriend.

These are dudes that can not man up or is simple just overpowered by their wives or girlfriend's CHI or CHAKRA or whatever you want to call it.

There are a lot of things that people dont understand about the Andres Man or currently known as "Canadian" as in Saing-Canadian, Luto-Canadian and worst of all laba-Canadian. Andres' are all women loving men. As shown in multiple mediums over the years, the andres has evolved from the thin pansies married to women twice or even thrice their size into the so-called "Macho Andres".

These "Macho Andres" are the alpha males in society, well supposedly. I recently caught a movie entitled "Si Manager at si Kumander" starring the late Fernando Poe Jr. and his wife, Susan Roces. Manager played by FPJ is a police officer with the swagger of a gigollo (much like in real life), Dencio Padilla plays the role of Manager's sidekick, who often acts as look out whenever Manager goes on his nightly "midnight snack" with the ladies.

Enter Kumander brandishing a shotgun, lock stock and loaded. She knows where Manager is and she is in no mood to play games. (Pag sinabing uwi, uwi!)

And the film goes on and on, always FPJ making sure that he outsmarts Susan Roces.

That is the new Alpha male boys and girls. The tough guy who can beat even Chuck Norris himself, stave off millions of invading alien hordes from a parrallel universe. That is until he goes home to the missus and cooks dinner.

But you see, these guys just love their wives. Sure it could get messy, but in all certainty, it just shows that men think about their wives. It might just be comedy relief to the people outside of the Philippines.

I'm getting married soon (hopefully later rather than sooner) and if being called a "takuza" or "andres" or "canadian" would make my future wife feel happy, then I'd fricking gladly wear the takuza badge with pride and dignity (and hopefully with a couple of bottles of San Mig Light)...

And for the people who look down on the andres, fear not... Your time will come. Sooner or later, you will pass this stage. Just don't physically hurt your wife because that's really awful and just dead wrong.

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