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A Look Deeper into Gundam 00's Harute

Technology & Combat Characteristics

Harute's overall design is derived from the combined technical and combat data of GN-007 Arios Gundam and GNR-101A GN Archer; its make is a reconstructed variant-combination of GN-007 + GNR-101A Archer Arios, with extensive weapon and system upgrades. Due to their limited resources, Celestial Being was unable to create an original new Gundam; with the need for a new aerial combat unit, CB engineers opted to create Harute over the frames of Arios and GN Archer [1] to conserve resources while maintaining an combative edge against the ESF.

One of the most unique features of Harute is its cockpit; it's smaller than Arios', but made to be utilized by two pilots. It's a two-seat cockpit control system, the first of its kind amongst Gundams of the A.D. era, although such features have existed before in earlier generation mobile suits.The combined abilities of the two super soldiers, Allelujah and Soma/Marie, are capable of bringing out the full potential of Harute's speed and firepower, making it a formidable enemy in combat.

For its integrated GN Archer aspects, CB engineers originally intended to create a third generation Gundam from the technical data of GNY-0042-874 Gundam Artemie; MS development was stopped in favor for a hypersonic transformable unit, Arios Gundam. Due to the need for combat support units to endure harsher engagements, CB engineers redeveloped the halted design and created the GN Archer. To fulfill its original intended purpose as a Gundam and conserving expenses, CB engineers once again revisited the GN Archer design; utilizing the data of GN-007 + GNR-101A Archer Arios and GNR-010/XN XN Raiser to create Gundam Harute; Harute utilizes the best aspects of the mobile weapons as a single transformable space combat MS.

Fighter Mode

Harute's fighter form is developed from Kyrios and Archer Arios. The boosters are derived from GN Archer, the rear Tail Unit container from Kyrios, and the forward section mostly from Arios. Harute's design is a departure from Kyrios and Arios. Though the previous two generations were capable of operating in outer space, they were designed primarily for atmospheric combat. Harute reverses this trend, designed specifically to act as a zero-gravity fighter. As such, Harute has a less aerodynamic design than its predecessors. While appearing less streamlined, Harute in reality can achieve far greater speeds. Six large verniers act as its primary means of propulsion, acting together to create large bursts of acceleration; it is currently unclear whether Harute's performance would be hindered should it engage in atmospheric conditions or if its equipment must be changed accordingly.

Many aspects of its weapons and technology were derived from the incomplete XN Raiser project. Like XN Raiser, Harute's GN Blades double as wings in its fighter form. The beam rifles, attached to the wing, are retractable; they are fixed particle guns for cross-firing. The blade-wings allow Harute to cut and/or gouge through enemy targets on either side of its wings; the difference from previous models is that Harute utilizes new generation GN Blades. The blade edge is composed of the same material as GN Condensers, allowing Harute to channel more power to the blade to cut down tougher opponents.

GN Archer's head sensor and propulsion system survived and evolved onto Harute's frame; new MS developments have miniaturized the GN Verniers, making the entire system smaller and allowing more space for other systems. The original large intake ports have been replaced with a pair of GN Beam Cannons. The cannons may not be a weapon of overwhelming force, but they can rapidly fire powerful bursts with minimal lag between shots.

The sides of the thrusters no longer dual as GN-missile containers like GN Archer; the original Tail Unit for Kyrios returns as a weapons platform for Harute. The Tail Unit's overall design remains unchanged, but it is much smaller and a pair of stabilizer wings has been added for greater flight control. The top of the Tail Unit will expose VLS missile silos that can fire volleys of GN Missiles in combat; they are typically used against long-ranged targets and double as countermeasures against enemy fire. An unclear characteristic is whether Harute has ability to jettison/eject the Tail Unit in certain situations. Kyrios could alternate between equipment, such as the Tail Booster, but had to eject its Tail Unit in order to successfully transform. Though Harute is designed to incorporate its Tail Unit into its MS form, it is unclear if the unit can be ejected or exchanged with other equipment.

MS Mode

When transforming, the thrusters are folded diagonally back at its sides, with the head sensor unit and tail container folding back to allow flexible mobility for MS combat. Its forward guns and blades are attached to the side of the thrusters, but can be deployed forward in mid-transformation for immediate attacks. Following the current trend(s) of dual functioning weapons, the beam rifle is attached with its own GN Blade at the front (gun-blade weapon) for cleaving and/or shooting targets. A visor was added over Harute's face to protect the unit from being blinded against debris.However the visor is apparently more for cosmetic than for combat applications. Like its predecessors, the unit is a high speed combat MS, capable of melee and long range attacks at incredible speeds.

A unconfirmed ability of Harute is a new mode. It turns Harute's MS eyes from green to red. It also reveals that Harute has a total of 6 eyes in this mode, however nothing is yet known about this new ability.

Looking at the toy itself, I might just get this instead of the classic Quant 00 Gundam. Why you ask? Simple.

You get more bang for your buck with this kit. Not only can you convert Harute into a fighter you can also pose him in his standard MS form.

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